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Tuesday 26th May
 Tue, May 26th  TeamUtopian
Here's our #CraftBeerHour #giveaway as a thank you for joining us. 2x 6-can mixed case on offer. Follow us, retweet this post and reply tagging 3 mates before midnight and we'll announce the winner tomorrow AM! A view of the full range of beers we've brewed over our first year
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 Tue, May 26th  PiddleBrewery
Enjoy the hot summer nights with our Mini Kegs of Breaking Wave. A 4.5% Germanic Pilsner lager that's perfect for the beach parties and BBQ's. Order here in our webshop: https://t.co/3hqD0bwgTi #Summerevenings #Lager #Piddlebrewery
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Jump in the pool. The ultimate summertime sipper, Hazey was just made for these 25° days. ☀️ It's sun all week - so stock up from the webshop or @Tesco today. #LondonBeerFactory #CraftBeer
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The Free Trade Inn
 Tue, May 26th  The Free Trade Inn
I’ve just remembered about that nice thing that’s happening today, and that’s got things looking up. Can’t wait to see it and share it with everyone :)
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The Plasterers Arms
 Tue, May 26th  The Plasterers Arms
Golden Road from Bull of the Woods, fresh on at 4 pints for £10, together with 2 other cask ales and a selection of bottles and cans from the fridge. Here today from 4pm until 7pm. #nr3 #beer #takeaway
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 Tue, May 26th  RehillsJesmond
New today from @ToothClawBrew Nelson Sauvin & Vic Secret IPA! Antipodean IPA with flavours of Gooseberry, Pineapple 🍍 & Passionfruit! 🍻☀️🍻 #IPA #ipalover #Pineapple #Passionfruit #ToothClawBrewing #CraftBeer #CraftBeerLife #craftbeerlover
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Elusive Brewing
 Tue, May 26th  Elusive Brewing
We've got all web orders placed so far packed and ready for shipment but unfortunately couldn't secure a courier collection today. They'll all be winging their way to you tomorrow. We still have stock of the new releases if you fancy getting involved! https://t.co/pAVagFCo9E
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Weird Beard Brew Co
 Tue, May 26th
🖖🏻💀 Afternoon Weirdos. Have you tried our newest beer yet? Armus landed in the brewery last week and us at Weird Beard have already placed it on our list of favourites. This luxurious stout is full of Oats, Honey, Molasses, coffee beans from our friends @hasbean and Tonka Beans
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Black Lodge Brewing
 Tue, May 26th  Black Lodge Brewing
Final check on the beers before packaging! (Always seems to be around lunchtime) Orders in by 3pm today for tomorrow’s deliveries to Liverpool & Wirral 👍🏽
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Abbeydale Brewery Ltd
 Tue, May 26th  Abbeydale Brewery Ltd
We're back after the long weekend with a fresh re-stock of Voyager IPA, rolling off the canning line today! This is the Citra, Centennial and Mosaic version - a return to our first ever recipe, using an all star blend of all North American hops 😋🍻 https://t.co/d9OqfigICI
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Craft Beer Newcastle
 Tue, May 26th
RT @rosalindslarder: Baking bread for my afternoon teas. Next batch with olives & Mediterranean veg. Delicious with our bacon & scrambled e…
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 Tue, May 26th  TapEast
Join us on Zoom this evening at 5pm as we're doing Beer O'Clockdown. Just grab a beer and ask us for the zoom details! #TapEast #BeerOClockdown #Zoom
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Howling Hops Brewery and Tank Bar
 Tue, May 26th  Howling Hops Brewery and Tank Bar
Oh hey, House it going? Someone's looking very 🐳 today. This latest batch of House IPA is tasting super fluffy with very cheeky overtones. A Mosaic Motueka tag team to lift your spirits this week.
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 Tue, May 26th  DancingManBrew
Morning, another great week for weather. . .why not get some beer? We are open today from 12 until 3pm. If you cant make it why not order some for delivery? https://t.co/Tjo5XabTm5 #beer #craftbeer #drinks #brew #brewery #collections #delivery #summertime #sunshine #ThankYouNHS
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Titanic Brewery
 Tue, May 26th  Titanic Brewery
We've teamed up with The last heretic and the team at Bodell's for a Titanic Brewery Couch Takeover! If you are in the Derby area you can order a range of our incredible beers for this weekend including our newest seasonal Rye IPA. Go to https://t.co/OpwOq4dqFu and order today!
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 Tue, May 26th  MagicRockTapHD9
💥🍺It's Tuesday, and that only means one thing, MAGIC MINI CASK RESTOCK!🍺💥 From 2pm today our 5 Litre Mini Casks are available in five different styles on our webshop! Click the link in to sign up to our mailing list! https://t.co/URNKBa8jEx #MagicMiniCask
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Magic Rock Tap
 Tue, May 26th  Magic Rock Tap
🍺YOU KNOW WHAT DAY IT IS! MINI CASK MADNESS IS BACK!🍺 From 2pm today our 5 Litre Mini Casks are available in five different styles on our WebShop! Click below to sign up to our Mailing List to get early access! https://t.co/8cvJplbhc0 _________ #MagicMiniCask
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Tom's Tap and Brewhouse
 Tue, May 26th
Morning Tom's Tappers. We are taking the day off today, as we beavered away all bank holiday weekend to bring you lovely beers and ciders. Back tomorrow, delivering to Crewe, Nantwich, Sandbach, Haslington and… https://t.co/cNFq39ivXi
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 Tue, May 26th  TheCronxBrewery
Happy Tuesday ... it is Tuesday right? I'll be honest we're all confused on what day of the week it is! But to be kept in the loop with us, sign up to our #newsletter newsletter to get exclusive offers & deals from your favourite #Croydon Brewery https://t.co/crzvynfU6w
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BrewDog Shoreditch
 Tue, May 26th  BrewDog Shoreditch
Go Team Tuesday! 🤩❤️ Meet the team here at Brewdog Shoreditch working hard to get your beers to your door as fresh and as quickly as possible 🍻 🍔We are so happy to be back and are loving all the instagram tags! ❤️
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The Chiltern Brewery
 Tue, May 26th  The Chiltern Brewery
Let's start a petition to extend the Bank Holiday across all of this week due to 'Exceptional Weather Circumstances' 💪🌞 The Drive-Thru Brewery Shop is open from 11am to 5pm today and you can also order Online for Delivery later this week 👇 https://t.co/s2E8tYibY6 Cheers! 🍻
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Creature Comforts Downtown Taproom and Brewery
 Tue, May 26th  Creature Comforts Downtown Taproom and Brewery
Clean Creature hand sanitizer is available through our drive-thru open 2-8PM daily. Limited to 4 bottles per person ($8.49/bottle). Also, if your business is reopening and in need of hand sanitizer contact us at curious@ccbeerco.com. Stay Healthy, Stay Clean, & #StayConnected!
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 Tue, May 26th  Conch
RT @joepike: CONFIRMED: Tomorrow opposition party leaders (Labour, SNP, Lib Dems, DUP, Plaid Cymru, SDLP, Greens, and Alliance Party) will…
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 Tue, May 26th
Buid your own beer case! We ship next day via express courier. If you're ordering from Durham we will be driving down with your beers at midnight every night this week https://t.co/0QfZ9o1pDF
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NORD Bottle Shop
 Tue, May 26th  NORD Bottle Shop
We thought it best to check if these new @pastorebrewing beers are fit for consumption 😏 Shocker, they most definitely are....so they’ll be on the webshop from tomorrow! ⚡️Tocca Ferro | Sour IPA ⚡️Passionfruit Waterbeach Weisse ⚡️Blood Orange Waterbeach Weisse
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The Orange Tree
 Tue, May 26th  The Orange Tree
Order your 'Pub in a Box' for delivery tomorrow. 👍 Fill your box with draught & bottled ale & cider. 🍻😊 We deliver locally for free! 🚗 Check out https://t.co/pY4Fhncjor for all the details! 🌞 #EveryDayIsABeerFestival #StaySafe
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Top Rope Brewing
 Tue, May 26th  Top Rope Brewing
Got your local #BankHoliday beers orders for delivery tomorrow (got to have something to look forward to tomorrow!) Head to https://t.co/CJLOADgQtC and get your order in by 9am tomorrow and be ready for drinking after a long day of work!
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 Tue, May 26th  Alfred
From Tuesday we will be selling grazing boxes from our friends over at Pride and Produce. Perfect to take home for Lunch to pair with a beer from @NorthBrewCo Personally I am soooo excited to try all the goodies on offer, are you?! 🥪🥓🥙 #Meanwood #Lunchbox
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 Tue, May 26th  TwoTribesBrew
Maybe you haven't run out of beer and you're just making cocktails. But maybe you HAVE run out of beer.😱 Stock up: head to our webshop and get 20% off first time orders with 'FIRSTTIMETRIBE'). *NB: local deliveries will be going on Tuesday! https://t.co/6VKqCXBfH3
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 Tue, May 26th  GateBournheath
That’s #GateToGo over for another week 🌶 Huge 🧡 to everyone who managed to bag their gateaway 🙌 Missed out or yet to try? Next weekend’s 🆕 menu will be available Tues with pre-order open at 11am on Weds 🕚 ➡️ https://t.co/zki29ppdyD #FromOurFamilyToYours 👍🧡🙌
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BrewDog Perth
 Tue, May 26th  BrewDog Perth
📢 SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT 📢 From Tuesday 26th May Our Weekly Pub is back ( in virtual form of course) with Our Resident Quiz Master Dan! As always there will be great BrewDog prizes and Dan's loveable Banter! #BrewDog #BrewDogPerth #perth #craftbeer #beer #perthshire #mindgames
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 Tue, May 26th  Pop'n'Hops
Ahead of #CraftBeerHour on 26th May - we're going to feature @TeamUtopian who focus on 'lager'. I've been lucky enough to try one of their beers and they've absolutely nailed a clean crisp pilsner. All four of their beers *should* be online from tomorrow.
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Brighton Bier
 Tue, May 26th
Fancy 25% discount on your DELIVERY of Brighton Bier? Course you do! Well UberEATS have a new code (until 26 May) so just type BRINGSPRING at checkout and cold, delicious beers will be with you in a jiffy... chooise 'delivery' and ping us y our order https://t.co/Xppa33yQ4k https://t.co/OB3kB5x4Pg
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Wednesday 27th May
Enigma Tap
 Wed, May 27th  Enigma Tap
We’re taking a little time off this week so will only be delivering beer on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Our baked goods boxes will return on Saturday 6th June & be available to pre order next Monday.
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The Paper Duck
 Wed, May 27th  The Paper Duck
Thanks for keeping us busy with your orders for home delivery. We’ve had a rest and are ready to go again. Check out the new addition from @pollysbrewco - MOVIES IN THE JACUZZI 📽🎞🛀🧼🧽 - GUAVA IPA (6.4%) 🥳🤤🌴 Next delivery days are Wednesday and Friday!
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 Wed, May 27th  SuttonArms
That’s me done now until Wednesday. If you need beer tomorrow please go and see the main man, Jonny, at the @OldFountainAles. If you’re lucky he might wear a kilt like he did at my wedding x
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 Wed, May 27th  PintShop
Next weeks delivery slots are open. As are orders for fish & chips..follow links in bio for both. New dishes this week include a stunning Mangalitza Pork Burger from @MalloysButchery and our take on the classic Chicken Tilkka Masala. Also open for takeaway drinks Weds - Sun
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 Wed, May 27th  bathales
Next Wednesday (27th May), our head brewer, George Young, will be hosting a virtual meet the brewer and beer tasting event at 7pm via Facebook live. George will take you though the flavour profiles & brewing process of four different beers. Find out more: https://t.co/NSHhjrLNhu
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