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Wednesday 12th August
 Wed, Aug 12th
Really terrible day today for the North East of Scotland, and no I dont mean the continued lockdown. Our thoughts go out to all affected by todays rail tragedy. Puts everything in perspective.
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 Wed, Aug 12th  BedlamBrewery
It’s so unbelievably amazing down on the beach today - and this Amagansett Pale Ale is going down a treat! We’ve been spotted by the seagulls though!
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BrewDog Liverpool
 Wed, Aug 12th  BrewDog Liverpool
Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? If there was ever a perfect bev for a day like today, this is it. OG Hazy Jane, chilling now in our fridges waiting to be cracked open. #hazyjane
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 Wed, Aug 12th  BrewDogBrighton
Did you miss out this week?! No stress because our Wings Wednesday offer is available every week, and with the tasty helping of #eatouttohelpout discounts for the rest of August. Also available with out vegan and vegetarian cauliflower and Seitan wings. #nomfrickinnom
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Redemption Brewing Company
 Wed, Aug 12th  Redemption Brewing Company
Sam is feeling a little frustrated with the 20th email today saying they hope she’s enjoying the sunshine.........🥵😂 She can currently be found cooling down in the cold room 🥶
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 Wed, Aug 12th  TripPointBrew
The time to fix (fit) a roof is when the sun is shining... Bar open until 10:30 tonight for all your beer and burgery needs. We're also now more geared up for the British weather!
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Saltaire Brewery
 Wed, Aug 12th  Saltaire Brewery
I dunno about you, but we think Digby has got the right idea☀️Cooling off with a light & refreshing bottle of @SaltaireBrewery #Blonde, our signature ale balances soft malt flavours with subtle spice from Bohemian Saaz hops. How are you keeping cool today? #CavalierKingCharles
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All Hail Ale
 Wed, Aug 12th
Today is a day for an IPA. Beware the Bear is a double IPA. Double dry hopped at an amazing 20g per litre with Columbus and Centennial hops. This is a super dank and very juicy West Coast double IPA. Beware-this… https://t.co/enb63JsVRX
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 Wed, Aug 12th  MagicRockTapHD9
The smell of freshly ground coffee is filling our glorious taproom today, why not treat yourself? We use Arboretum as our house blend, from the master roasters themselves - @DarkWoodsCoffee, it's sweet and floral, making it perfect to enjoy with milk in a delicious latte!☕️
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 Wed, Aug 12th  DeviantandDandy
Today, we pay respects to Head Brewer Darren, who has been toiling away in the brewhouse (where it's stupid °C) to bring you our beers. As you can see, this has reduced him to a puddle of his own sweat.🥵 (Don't worry, Darren is fine, but definitely deserves a cold beer.)
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Three Brothers Brewing Company
 Wed, Aug 12th  Three Brothers Brewing Company
⚠️ Smore update! ⚠️ We have this very Smorish beer back in bottle! Click and collect TODAY 4 - 6pm! Just select local collection when ordering online. #beer #backinstock #newin #familybusiness #bottles
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The Font, Chorlton
 Wed, Aug 12th  The Font, Chorlton
It’s bits food weather for sure! How’s about this whopper of a #vegan meze?! HALF PRICE today & every Mon - Wed this Aug as part of #eatouttohelpout ~ 50% off all food & non alc drinks, up to £10 off per person, huzzah! 🙌
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Craft Beer Newcastle
 Wed, Aug 12th
RT @pelliclemag: In today’s feature we’re off to Manchester. Specifically, behind Piccadilly Station and beneath the arches on Sheffield St…
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 Wed, Aug 12th  indiespiritbath
Got a local delivery from us today? Don’t worry we have it chilling in the fridge for you. Want cold beer delivered to your place of work this afternoon just put Cold into the notes section and you too could be enjoying frosty refreshing beverages.
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 Wed, Aug 12th  TheTapDerby
Don’t forget to take advantage of the new government scheme “Eat Out To Help Out” Every Tuesday and Wednesday throughout August you will get 50% off your bill (up to a maximum of £10 per head) Book your table now - tapbookings@derbybrewing.co.uk
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The Excelsior
 Wed, Aug 12th  The Excelsior
We’re all about these today - they come with our fabulous homemade Currywurst sauce as well! With the #EatOutToHelpOut scheme,you can get two for less than £3! 👍😍 #WednesdayWisdom #Foodie #LunchTime #pub #DaleStreet #bookatable
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BrewDog Clerkenwell
 Wed, Aug 12th  BrewDog Clerkenwell
We're taking part in the #EatOutToHelpOut scheme which means this Wings Wednesday you can get unlimited chicken, cauliflower or @templeofseitan wings for the INSANE price of £5.25 per person 😱 Make sure to book in advance for this one! #brewdog #clerkenwell #wingswednesday
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Howling Hops Brewery and Tank Bar
 Wed, Aug 12th  Howling Hops Brewery and Tank Bar
This is penthouse-level juice, pals. Simcoe and Strata in peak physical condition with that DDH smoothment. Top Buzzer rolling off the line today and possibly into your life very soon. Ding dong. 🔝🔝🔝
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Whitelock's Ale House
 Wed, Aug 12th  Whitelock's Ale House
Eat Out To Help Out continues today, and as I’m sure you know by now that includes soft drinks - and there’s none better than @squarerootldn 🙌 These are some seriously refreshing sodas, and Monday to Wednesday they’re 50% off, so why not indulge?! ❤️
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Elusive Brewing
 Wed, Aug 12th  Elusive Brewing
Today we're packaging a double brew of the perfect beer for this weather. Mephisto is a 4% Mosaic Pale. Crisp and refreshing with a big lick of this delicious, juicy hop. Available in cask and keg next week. 🍻 📨beer@elusivebrewing.com
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 Wed, Aug 12th  BoxBrew
Brewing “Golden Bolt” today ... 44 degrees inside this mash tun!!! God bless Tom our brewer whose pipe sucks the spent barley into a trailer which Harry the farmer will pick up! #greatbeer #craftbeer #heatwaveuk https://t.co/q7VYHYwi77 buy online 😎
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 Wed, Aug 12th  HackandHop
Eat out to help out scheme is available at our place until the end of August(Mon-Wed from 12pm-3pm). We are offering freshly baked pizzas on 50% off and cold craft beers to beat the heat outside. #pizza #WednesdayMotivation #EatOutToHelpOut #CraftBeer
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The Free Trade Inn
 Wed, Aug 12th  The Free Trade Inn
A nice top up of @donzokobeer today including the very popular ‘Letting the days go by’ Raspberry and Vanilla Mixed Ferm saison. If you’d like to add to an existing order, feel free to put a new one through for the same time and we’ll have everything ready together :)
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Pomona Island Brew Co
 Wed, Aug 12th
Launching on the WEBSHOP today at 2 along with MUCH INTENSER DANCE VIBES and AQUARIUS AND MY NAME IS RALPH may we present to you SOYLENT GREEN. A pale, double dry hopped with Citra Cryo and Citra T90 and a secret ingredient that gives it that special Pomona taste. Any guesses?
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Brewery Tap
 Wed, Aug 12th  Brewery Tap
Thought for the day: Mini-kegs! 5 litres of brewery fresh, keg or cask, multi-award winning beer, delivered to your doorstep (for free if local). It’ll sit nicely in the fridge until you are ready to unleash it. What you waiting for? 🍺🍺☀️😃 https://t.co/Bv9cDWgr5s
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Fyne Ales
 Wed, Aug 12th
We've limited internet in the office this morning, due to a cow-related issue. Not really, apparently the BT exchange in Edinburgh is flooded, but anyway - we're going to be a little less available than usual. Cheers!
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 Wed, Aug 12th  WildWeatherAles
You don't need to take our beer to the top of Helvellyn to enjoy it cold. How are you all? Is the weather just too hot hot hot? Just have a 'click' on https://t.co/BiFIOgQt0S and you will magic some lovely beer from us to you with love ... overnight to your door! Sounds good?
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Urban Chicken Ale
 Wed, Aug 12th
BREWDAY! 💛 Brewing Urban Gold today and this time the hop combo is Columbus and Cascade. Destined for cask and bottles, yep back to bottles for this brew, mainly because I’ve got a load to use up 😁 Cheers!
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Fuggles Beer Cafe
 Wed, Aug 12th  Fuggles Beer Cafe
We’re back open again from Wednesday at midday - and this week we’ve some rather special Gueze from @gueuzetilquin hitting the fridges on Thursday. Open Weds - Sat 12 til 11pm, Sun 12 - 7. Book online over on our website or just pop in and grab a free table! #tunbridgewells
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 Wed, Aug 12th  thecumby
So we tested it and it works so.... WE ARE BACK! Full details tomorrow for all our guidelines and how to’s but for now our opening hours are Thursday 2.30 till 9.30 Friday 2.30 till 9.30 Saturday 12.30 till 9.30 Sunday 12.30 till 9.30
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 Wed, Aug 12th  BrtnBierhaus
DON’T FORGET we are back tomorrow from 4PM - 8PM for all your Uber, Deliveroo & collection needs 🙌 We’ve got plenty to choose from on draught and from our fridges 🍻 Open as usual from Thursday 4PM. We’ll see you at the Bierhaus! 👊
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BrewDog Camden
 Wed, Aug 12th  BrewDog Camden
BrewDog Camden Mind Games! Our pub quiz held every Tuesday at 7pm. Only £2 per person and you'll be in with a chance to win the JACKPOT! Something different every week, from a Wings Wednesday night for the team to a fantastic beer & cider selection. Book your table NOW!
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Pomona Island Brew Co
 Wed, Aug 12th  Pomona Island Brew Co
Did we just make the Dance Vibes in here even much more intenserer? OH SHIT! • More fruit? ✅ More body?✅ More flavour? ✅ 10%?✅ Need a visual display of how much intenserer it is? 📈 • MUCH INTENSER DANCE VIBES Pineapple and Guava Gose hits the WEBSHOP on WEDNESDAY.
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The Three Compasses
 Wed, Aug 12th  The Three Compasses
Half price food as part of the #eatouttohelpout scheme, every Mon, Tues & Weds throughout August. Come as many times as you like - we won’t judge you✊ #burgers by @filthy_buns #hackney #dalston
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 Wed, Aug 12th  ToastAle
So many of our awesome stockists are taking part in #EatOutToHelpOut. You can’t get money off your beer, but you will get 50% discount on food or non-alcoholic drinks to eat or drink in! It’s every Mon, Tues & Wed from 3-31 Aug. Check it out here 👇 https://t.co/JzBnFLzkgC
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BrewDog Canary Wharf
 Wed, Aug 12th  BrewDog Canary Wharf
Have you enjoyed the "Eat Out To Help Out" scheme yet? You can enjoy 50% off your food and AF drinks with us EVERY Monday- Wednesday for August! Walk-ins are very welcome, but we recommend booking here : https://t.co/iBvMBkwSkV #EatOutToHelpOut #BrewDog #AugustDeals #Discount
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 Wed, Aug 12th  TriplefffBrewer
Wednesday & Thursday 5pm-9pm Friday 3pm-9pm Saturday & Sunday 12pm-9pm (last orders at 8pm, time at 8:30pm) We apologise that we have had to chop and change these times over the last 5 days 🤦‍♀️ Due to the reason behind closing the outside space, over the next little while...
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 Wed, Aug 12th
This weeks code has a Eurovision feel about it. Enter TERRYWOGAN at https://t.co/2vrjFjSl49 for 15% off European beers from Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Spain & Sweden. Expires next Wednesday. 🇧🇪 🇨🇿 🇩🇰 🇪🇪 🇩🇪 🇱🇻 🇳🇱 🇳🇴 🇪🇸 🇸🇪
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